How Medicare Is being Saved, Social Security To Follow

Understanding how Medicare is being saved, requires a look at it under the light of reality. Looking at issues under the light of reality, the difficulty for most is about like looking directly into the sun on a summer’s day

You don’t hear much talk these days about Social Security and Medicare running out of money these days. The problem is solved and there is no need to. So, how did your betters fix it? With legislation, they created a utopia  for high-ranking doctors and bureaucrats all over the healthcare industry. Medicare patients now must opt for life management services in addition to the minuscule attention they now get from doctors. It is life management – or no doctor visits. The system is so lucrative for your betters , that they will find a way to keep the program going. In a fair world, patients would get paid for attending appointments.

Life management services provide the profits for Insurance companies and all healthcare providers. The money is so good, that the organizations getting the benefits will not let Medicare go under. Patients pay no premiums – as they would under Social Security, They pay less and get less.

Providers can only make a profit by hustling patients into life management initiatives which they are doing with each visit. Suppose a Medicare patient with an HMO visits a doctor. Unless the doctor can prescribe an anointed drug, give a hyped – up vaccination, book a colonoscopy or something, he basically doesn’t get paid. We have socialized healthcare and then reprivatized it. A system like this will never disappear.

In the eyes of an American, every doctor is a modern Marcus Welby, Since I treat people according to how they function and ignore their official definition or image, I see it a little differently. All my doctor friends, around my age, closed their practices right after Obamacare was passed. Clearly, medical schools have been dumbed – down over the years. You either have the disease they want you to have – or you are not sick in a doctor’s mind. People don’t seem to mind , even with the death rate rocketing higher. So it is with life management services driving healthcare.

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Tom McGuiness
Tom McGuiness
5 months ago

Hmmm I haven’t been following the Medicare overhaul at all. Thankfully, I’m not on it but I’d love to read more about it and specifically what “life management” programs they’re now pushing on the hapless public. Got any good links?