Impending Martial Law

Citizens have no information. Is that an accident? The news media is owned by a close-knit agenda – driven consortium doing all that is possible to manage the thoughts and opinions of their viewers. YouTube is presenting videos that they would have banned just a few months earlier. Regardless of information given in these videos, each conveys a same or similar message. Either the stock market is about to crash – or the economy is about to tank to depression levels. Perhaps the die has already been cast and something out of the blue will make such opinions irrelevant. Alarming news stories come and go. The public doesn’t get excited like they need them to. The public is docile and uninvolved…. as intended. However, they have also become dead mentally. That won’t work. Our betters have not been able to start a major war.

2024 is an election year. Kennedy, as an independent, is polling ahead of all candidates.  Our betters need to get rid of him. How might that happen? President Biden is last in polling. Americans want a president who can at least make a speech. Our betters face some dilemmas they could not have anticipated. What will they do if no candidate is one they control? Politicians are quitting like rats jumping off a sinking ship. Perhaps our ship is indeed sinking, and they don’t want to be in a position to take any blame. Power is never relinquished voluntarily. Their reasons for not seeking reelection must be for mighty powerful reasons.

Given the dilemmas faced by our betters, the 2024 elections cannot be allowed. What is needed , is a national disaster so severe, the elections must be postponed. The current increase of marching migrants will be part, but not all of the disaster that is planned. I find that the video below to be quite telling. Certainly , martial law will be the vehicle.

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Tom McGuiness
Tom McGuiness
4 months ago

My question is, will people meekly submit or will all Hell break loose? Both military morale and public trust in government are at all time lows.