Who Decides What You Buy?

Define a person, place or thing as one thing or another , and it remains defined as just that for perpetuity in the minds of human beings. A U.S. citizen is independent – minded and makes well – thought , sentient decisions when voting and making other decisions, right? Many are individualists, right? In our land, we are ruled by the governed, Right?

As a staunch observer of natural law, I am concerned with what is genuinely true. As frequently mentioned, I study people and institutions according to how they function and pay no attention at all to how they are defined.

So, we have a free market system and the consumer is king – according to the human perpetual thought process. Is there any evidence that this is true? I don’t see any evidence of that being the case…. but otherwise. If I am misguided with this, I hope someone will show me my errors in reasoning and show that my observations are inaccurate.

Most people know where their money comes from. They seem to have some understanding of what their bills are. But, who or what decides what they buy with what they earn?

Let’s look at our presumed free market. Can it be improved with human intellect and ingenuity? Efforts at just that have been ongoing since the 1930s. Folks must believe so. If not, then where are the complaints and initiatives to scrap the efforts and return to free market attributes? I hear and see none.

Who decides what you buy and how much you spend? If it is you, then the following should be totally satisfactory.  You spend at least twenty-five percent of your income buying government services. Then what can you buy? How about an electric car or so called clean energy. Americans seem happy buying life management services tacked onto healthcare at astronomical prices. Most everything you own or want to own is restricted or made more attractive to you by legislation. Never is it asked who comes up with the ideas for all of the government initiatives. Yet the U.S. has a free market system, right? How ingenuous our system is. Where else is it possible to have a free market system without freedom?

Who among us is capable of independent thought? Perhaps the number is so small that independent thinkers are irrelevant with respect to policy decisions. This will become an issue as Americans sit on the couches where they slouch, waiting for government policies in coming days, to launch the country out of an all-out depression?

Some are looking for Americans to experience a new awakening and cause  lawmakers to set things right. That is not human nature. Human beings are born hard wired to submit to ultimate authorities, normally the most belligerent. Look for a change in our favored elected tyrants. Expect economic hardships to last as long as you live.



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