Mark Cuban and High Frequency Trading

feature-rich-poor-evil-compassion-psychology-study-science-wealthy-incomeI am glad a billionaire is addressing the damage high frequency trading firms are creating. High frequency trading firms are actually a bigger threat to the country than all of the terrorists and other enemies that get most of the public’s attention.

Mark Cuban and High Frequency Trading

Mark Cuban doesn’t go far enough. Hopefully he will eventually.  High frequency trading firms have only one source of income. They profit by sabotaging the efforts of regular traders and investors. Government basically gives them a licence to steal in return for elevating stock prices.

If this sounds innocent, I guarantee you it is not. Allowing government to guarantee investment returns has the potential of bringing down the entire country. If the poor and middle class had any idea what this is costing them they would be in the streets already. Sadly, only a few even know what a high frequency trading firm is.

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