Messiah Seeking And Voting

The biggest problem we have with democratic
principles is that by voting, citizens are submitting
to one candidate or another. In totalitarian societies,
people are born in a state of submission, so my
comments should not be taken as a call to do away
with democracy.

There are two styles of representation
and the Delegate Model. In the United
States, the Trustee Model is all that is used.

There are no delegates in congress. With the Trustee Model, citizens opt for a candidate who works independently of the will of the electorate but is trusted to act on behalf of those he represents. Because a trustee acts independently, he can and does represent actually represent anyone he chooses
to represent.

A delegate, on the other hand votes completely according to the will of those he represents.
When I ran for congress in 2010, I ran as a delegate. The voters completely rejected this
approach. As it turns out that each voter has aspirations of gaining the upper hand in the country.
The were not willing to give up the illusion of control and subject themselves to the will of the
majority. I got my plow cleaned in the election. Voters want someone to decide issues for them.
They vote trustees into office, believing they have their best interest at heart.

Voters begin getting betrayed, as soon as their candidate gets elected. I often explain that self
interest is the only incentive present where group behavior is concerned, I also point out that
truth is not used in persuasive arguments in politics. To get elected, politicians must tell voters
what they want to hear. If they don’t, they will lose. Voters don’t want to hear the truth,

Voters choose candidates they perceive as messiahs. Messiah seeking is the way voters pick
trustees whose dialogue is compatible with their sensibilities.

Normally, when these two models of representation are compared, it is assumed that trustees will
do exactly what their role calls for. That notion works great on paper. Those of us who use the
fantasy free approach to economics and politics know that nature does not provide an incentive
to serve, although it is universally assumed to be present. Human nature doesn’t allow the
trustee model to work  


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