Missing Key To Stock Market Manipulation Identified

It sure gets lonesome living in the light of reality. Fortunately I don’t mind being lonely. In the light of reality, loneliness only applies to the state of being alone. There is no fear or emotional turbulence attached or experienced.

I have explained, partially to my satisfaction, and hopefully to a handful of others that the stock market is rigged split second by split second. .Most of that is covered in the two  article links below.

Stock Market Manipulation 101,

1/27/23 Stock Market Observation

All one need do is observe.  There is absolutely no way, the stock market, as of now, could trade in a months long channel without reacting to the worst economic scenario in history without dropping. It has to be, made to do that by means other than normal market influences.  Then, I ask, what means could possibly be employed in order to make this happen?  The methods turn out to be too simple for folks to believe. Besides, no one wants it to be true.

If the term bucket shop is unfamiliar, Investopedia has a respectable explanation. Bucket Shop

The primary method used by bucket shops in the 1920s  worked like this.  When a customer bought a stock through a bucket shop – the bucket shop simply sold the customer a non-existing number of shares. They profited because most traders, even in bull markets , lose. The customer would sell at a loss, which the bucket shop would pocket.  It worked great for a long time.

Today’s retail brokerage firms already have much in common with bucket shops. When the market needs to be elevated  or stabilized, retail firms simply buy, with imaginary stock to accommodate short sellers and regular sellers by using imaginary stock. No actual stock is taken out of the market. Buyers get real stock. This creates a perpetual upward bias to the market.

How can this be, when such a practice is illegal? That is simple, laws are  simply not  enforced against those at the top. Can you think of any exceptions?

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