No One Blames Government

Americans are more than ever looking for guarantees of safety from government. They also look to government to provide them with solutions to all of life’s problems. Citizens opt for life and healthcare management as provided in the Affordable Care Act. Government is seen as able to create jobs and enhance the economy. The Federal Reserve is deemed good and necessary for managing the economy. This is while the Fed has not had a good year since its beginning in 1914. Fiscal policy is seen as a reasonable method of stimulating the economy. Most folks gleefully put on masks and took vaccines at the government’s insistence…. as if that made them good citizens.

During the worst of Corona, hospitals became like death camps as they complied with top down mandated directives. Alternative treatments were not allowed. Doctors, who did not go along were exiled, quarantined and made to look small as if they were trouble makers.

The economy is falling apart as a result of forty plus years of economic planning.

Yet, government itself is never blamed. Government is absolutely never seen as inept or the cause, rather than solution, to the country’s problems. Does that not seem odd (?)…… because, it is.

As the bottom falls off a cliff, citizens still look at government as a means of solving all of the problems it created. The people still believe that government has the prowess to solve their problems.

With respect to safety, does anyone ever stop… think… and consider that historically, governments have killed multitudes of their citizens with wars and government programs? Who feels the need for safety and protection from their own government? If someone does fear the U.S. government, I haven’t heard anyone say so.

There are reasons why things work out this way.  I will explain in a future article.


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