The Exalted Species

I frequently make the assertion that most political and economic decisions are attributed to reasoning but in fact are directed by instinct. So what are some of these instincts? The one I believe is most basic is the instinct to treat the human species and the group we belong to as exalted. Another is the instinct to see oneself as special. So, it is assumed that the sometimes faster, sometimes slower, the world is headed in the right direction. After all, human beings are good and in the end doing what is right for the universe. Is that so? We are hard wired to view it that way. And if each of us is special, certainly our leaders will see us as special and do right by us. Is that so? We are hard wired to act on that basis. Both these instincts prevent objective study of anything that people do.
Expected Seasonal Pattern Compared To Actual Trading
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