How U.S. Corona-Virus Agenda Came About

Posted on May 16, 2020 by Fantasy Free Economics Do important people in governments,
corporations and members of the upper one percent only speak with one another in formal
venues? Most would say no to that but then live their lives and establish their beliefs as if none of these folks ever interact except in formal settings.

One forgotten characteristic of corporate insiders is that they are among the best
salesmen in the world and they are constantly exploring and seeking out information as to
how what is going on in the world will influence their bottom lines. Politicians are constantly reading tea leaves trying to determine what actions will or will not result in greater acquisition of power. The upper one percent are always looking for ways to increase their wealth and gain more. These kinds of folks are absolutely brilliant and try to figure out what is coming next. They are good at these things. They don’t get their news from watching CNN. Instead they determine what news the media reports.

There is no chance that even just one of these kinds did not know the virus was going to break out and spread before the problem was announced. Is it really a surprise that the stocks of Big Tech, Big Pharma, Hospitals and Health Insurance have skyrocketed while most other stocks have not even advanced above their 200 day moving averages? It is only a big surprise if you like surprises and insist that it is so.

These corporations had advance knowledge that there was going to be a threatening virus
outbreak that would effect the whole world. They used their enormous political power to
guarantee themselves optimum outcomes. The national Corona Virus response was crafted by corporate insiders and sold to formal governments as a means of gaining more power and control over the population and to insure their continued high profitability. So, today we are executing a plan that impoverishes all others but enriches a few businesses at the top of the corporate food chain. In the real world, this is the way collective action and central planning really work.

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The Deep State Exposed

First understand that the Deep State is not a political or philosophical movement. The DeepState is history’s largest and most prolific crime syndicate. Is that clear enough?

The Deep State controls governments and elected officials for the purpose of generating profits for its members. The Deep State’s focus is on the United States because that is still where most of the world’s money is. Today each bill which congress passes is filled with skimming arrangements. Bills like the Affordable Care Act is really nothing but a system of distributing skimming arrangements to those deemed worthy of participating.Like with any organized crime syndicate, plenty of people benefit from its activities. Who benefits? Mostly the beneficiaries are those who actually come out ahead based on the Mob’s activities.

In New York during the 70s one of the crime families stared a skimming operation in the baking industry. At the time baked bread sold for $0.35 per loaf. The mob strong armed every bakery in the city to charge $0.50 per loaf. The bakeries got half of the difference and paid tribute to the crime family with the difference. The bakers were making more money. Do you think the bakers were unhappy? Just like with the skimming operations which work through government, the public paid more. Of course the public had no idea why bread went up in price so much but they got used to it. This is the way legislation works.

The right people benefit from the legislation and end up taking the Deep State’s side. Anyone in the United States who has owned stock over the past twenty years has benefited greatly by virtue of having the Deep State embedded in government. It took the mob two decades to gain control of the financial sector of the United States. By 2003 with enough political power it was possible to cause broad movements in the stock averages through control of the Federal Reserve and other agencies. By 2005 some high frequency trading firms were starting up and it became possible to orchestrate short squeezes and create artificial demand by messing with derivatives. By 2006 there was an ongoing asset enhancement initiative that lived off of public funds.

Regardless, by June of that year asset prices of all kinds were coming
under pressure. Henry Paulson was brought in as Treasury Secretary. His
job was to save the housing and equity markets and get prices moving
higher. His effort was enormous, but everything tanked regardless in
2008. All was not lost. There were losses but the TARP bill managed to
pass a significant amount of those losses to the taxpayers. Today,
managing stock prices is a sophisticate science. Organized crime is not
without its vulnerabilities. The greatest of those is that of killing the host.
The mob has just about killed the host and controlling the stock market is
becoming difficult and perhaps impossible. The profits are so enormous,
the effort will continue regardless.

Do you ever notice that when it is important for your favorite politicians to make a stand, they behave like deer in headlights? Remember when Supreme Court John Roberts came out with his bizarre and unexpected reason why The Affordable Care Act should be deemed as constitutional?

Remember when James Comey of the FBI did such crazy and unpredictable things with respect to the Clinton investigation? Clearly people like this are subject to external pressure. Think of all of the convenient deaths that have taken place in Washington DC. The American people are neither aware of what is going on, nor or they suspicious. Just remember that the Deep State is the highest possible level
of organized crime.

You may ask, “Who does this guy think he is making all of these unfounded allegations?” How are these things decided when there are no hard facts on the table? It is always safe to assume folks are behaving in keeping with the incentives they have especially when there is no resistance to them doing so. If you leave a slice of moist bread out for a few days, does it make sense that it would accumulate mold? There is absolutely nothing to prevent organized crime from taking over our
government and it has.

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Organized Crime Owns Your Government

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote!” Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was terribly misguided when he made that quote. Democracy had never been thoroughly tried, so he can be forgiven for not foreseeing that there were more serious issues with the abuse of democracy than what originates with ordinary people. So, the United States is organized as a republic and that is supposed to keep the masses from voting everything in the treasury into their own pockets.

Over the years, new sophisticated systems of exploiting weaknesses in democracy have evolved and are now used. Experience shows that the poor do not have the wherewithal to petition government. The poor have not actually tried to take anything from the rich.

The unwashed masses actually have presented no threat to any moneyed interests in the United States. They have proven to be a constituency worth buying by providing a few benefits to them over the years. But, no money has ever been voted out of anyone else’s pockets based on any actions by the poor. Instead, democracy turns out to be an incubator for crime, especially of the organized variety.

Organized crime, by financing campaigns and running its own candidates has taken over government. Why would they not? Who is to stop them? Suppose an organized crime syndicate is worried about the FBI. Why not just buy the FBI? Why break a law? Just pass a new law legalizing a previously illegal activity. What do they do to keep the keep the public on their side? They buy all of the media outlets and make sure citizens only hear what they want them to hear.

Americans get confused. They see a massive group of migrants marching towards the border. The march is reported on as if it was some kind of organic event that has just sprang up? The migrants are presented as if they are no different than any other people coming to the United

States looking for a better life. But they are different. The march is orchestrated and masses of poor people entering the country have great economic benefit to the elite who finance and organize these events.

The founding fathers were right, that with democracy, some potential threats would have to be
addressed. They did not anticipate that organized crime would take over the country. There is
talk about “the shadow government.” There really is no such thing. It is organized crime that dictates policy to congress. It is organized crime that causes senators and congressmen to step down, when their re-election is a sure thing.
But, many Americans benefit from the things organized crime does. That is temporary but some

Americans will always benefit and that makes it difficult to re-establish law and order. The founding fathers, like all historical figures were not at all like they have always been popularly portrayed. They were motivated out of self interest like all living entities are. The founding fathers did not provide a method for testing the constitutionality of laws. They may very well have purposefully left openings for the exploitation of ordinary people. The Supreme Court, a political body, ended up with the role of deciding constitutionality of law

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Treacherous Dangerous Times

American citizens alone with the rest of the world’s population are in serious danger. Danger from outright violence is present of course. Economic danger is present, growing and certain to increase. In the face of this there is a genuine lack of awareness of the gravity
of the situation. There is a black out of any relevant non superficial news. There is little concern and little meaningful information available that might make folks concerned.

For the most part Americans are used to the way the system is currently. The economic conversion began occurring with the Reagan stimulus of the 80s and has continued uninterrupted through every administration since and is ongoing in the Trump administration. In just over forty years, the United
States economy has abandoned its free market realm. Today economic outcomes of people and institutions are determined by political power instead of what is individual and has utility to society. It is a huge disadvantage to everyone that as destructive as the emerged system is, people see it as normal and are not concerned. They should be.

Economic intervention and central economic planning has destroyed our economy. While Americans are well fed, warm and comfortable, success without political power is completely illusive. There are opportunities but they are hard to find. By opportunities, I don’t mean chances to work in a phone bank or to flip burgers.

Principles of democracy are failing. It was easy to notice that during 2008, the TARP bill was passed over the loud objections of citizens. Since that time more and more legislation has been passed over the objections of the population. There is a huge danger in that alone. The biggest danger though is that ordinary people do not mind.

Unless ordinary people take control of government our political system and our way of life are going to collapse. Why will it all collapse? Our system was designed to work with ordinary people in charge. If ordinary people won’t take control, it is going to fail and there won’t be a United States of America where people can brag about being free.

The system is very close to collapsing now. Even ordinary people are unwilling to accept decisions generated by the democratic process. That alone is enough to usher in totalitarianism. When people are
looking for a dictator to rule them one will emerge. Aspiring dictators always abound. Only popular sovereignty can prevent a dictator from taking over. Rejecting popular sovereignty and outcomes of the democratic process is killing the country off.

My advice to each person is to start hunkering down because every man for himself is the situation we are entering into. Move these discussions beyond the echo chambers which is what Fantasy Free Economics is part of. Thank you for reading. I know I am preaching to the choir. The choir is not big enough and it will be productive if we all start trying to recruit new members.

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Honesty In Government

I am going to give a concise explanation why it is
misguided to expect honesty in government.

Human Beings have a deep seeded need and
propensity of to look up to and respect the leadership
of their country. Early on in human evolution this
characteristic surely facilitated survival of the species.
In modern times this works to their disadvantage, On
an evolutionary scale freedom of the individual is a
super new development.

The move toward freedom and individual decision making began with the end of the dark ages. That amount of time is a small percentage of time on history’s long timeline. Modern man is clearly drawn like a magnet towards submitting within a group and drawing benefits out of the aggregate. It work the same way with a pack of wild dogs. The difference is between style and the
numbers involved.

When folks vote, mentally they are choosing a fair godmother to take care of them. In reality they are
embracing a world class predator. People are still prone to looking at their leaders as benevolent
friends. Each leader has a unique ability to give that appearance but they are nothing of the kind.
Becoming one of mankind’s leaders is accomplished the same way leadership in a pack of wolves is
determined. Politics is a game of dominance and winning is all that matters. The idea of people electing
a friend to take care of them is complete nonsense. They are electing one who seeks all of the
advantages of leadership and one of those advantages is getting to use the support and efforts of the
public to gain personal agendas.

Honesty in politics would be used only if it contributed to a someone’s chances of accomplishing an
agenda. Honesty in a campaign gets morphed out of the discussion early on. What is said is what
contributes to winning. If candidate A tells the truth, candidate B will change it up a little to make it
sound better. Candidate A would then have to up the anti by deviating even further from the truth. The
public only responds to what sounds good and almost anything sounds better than the truth in a
political campaign.

Lets talks about who gets elected to a public position. Politics is by far the worlds most competitive
activity. Does it not make sense that folks who win in politics have special attributes and characteristic
which allow them to win over all others? While ordinary folks may still insist their favorite candidate is
a good friend to humanity, a person like that could never prevail in the the steep competition. It turns
out that winners in politics have what is called apolitical personalies. That is a euphemism for
sociopath. It takes a very unlikely set of ruthless personality characteristics to prevail over all others.

In order for self government to work well, citizens must understand that tension and mistrust between
government and citizens is completely necessary. Working together translates into submitting to a
ruthless authority and getting nothing in return in the end. Government may be defined as a wonderful
institution where justice is administered and people’s lives are made better, but it is first and always a
place where powerful people go to get what they want.

The answer is not anarchy. Self government, despite its shortcomings really is the best system. We may
all be in the process of becoming slaves but in a totalitarian system, people are slaves the moment they
are born. Still self government only works as intended if citizens see government for what it really is.

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The Importance Of Covering Up The Epstein

 The terms conspiracy theory and conspiracy theorist are evoked as a means of protecting a lie. I have never heard either term used in any other way.

Collective action as a matter of fact is conspiracy
based. All who approach government for any reason are part of a conspiracy. I don’t know of a case where one and only one person has taken a matter before congress where any kind of change has occurred. There is no way to address problems without observing conspiracies. Conspiracies may or not be

If a conspiracy is secret, it is not necessarily illegal. A person acting alone can have nefarious intentions just as can a group of people. Immediately following the reporting of Epstein’s death, before the news had even been digested, from a chorus of news outlets, warnings were going out about what conspiracy theorists were going to to do
with the issue. That alone indicates a plan is in effect. Translated into plain English this means. “ If you question what has gone on here, we are going to make a fool out of you.” or, “Don’t listen to anyone who contradicts what you are going to be told over the coming days.”

The coordinated use of terms which are used to protect a lie is an indication that a lie is being told. The art of not knowing is a skill good politicians cultivate. There are lots who know what is going on. They are pretending they don’t know because it is in their personal best interest to assume that posture. Why else would no politicians speak up?
The reasoning is that it is better to let a multitude of important people who are guilty of child sex crimes get off scott free than it is to allow the the power structure of the world to collapse. Look at some of the names known to be on the list.

I read a story one time about a group of parishioners who were concerned that a mob boss was a member of the parish. They told the priest the mobster should be excommunicated. The priest agreed but explained that under current circumstances that was not possible. The mobster tithed more than anyone else and the parish would not survive financially without his money. This is the reasoning of politicians who are not speaking up about what is going on with respect to Jeffrey Epstein.

The fallacy in this is based on the misguided approach that the “end justifies the means.” The nature of the fallacy is that it is the means that produces the final outcome. The story was fiction but the principle holds true. So, the number of of elites guilty of sex crimes in the Epstein affair is so great that the power structure of the world would crumble if they were all exposed. Would Democrats, Republicans, Deep State,

Media, Trump Administration and corporate leadership not have a huge incentive to work together to
protect themselves? Is there any reason why they would not work together to make their common
problem disappear? There is certainly a greater chance they would than they wouldn’t.
But, those groups never agree on anything you might say. They would get passed that to accomplish
this. They can argue later.

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Acceptable Alternatives To The Truth

In explaining economics and politics, I have a complete advantage over all others who are doing the same thing, simply because I do not believe lies. That is not an unfair advantage. Anyone else can do the same thing. In politics, although the truth is in everyone’s tool box it is never used. Any politician who tells the truth is at an immediate disadvantage.
When talking about politics I start by knowing I am not hearing the truth regardless of its source. All communication in politics is focused on getting results or advancing an agenda. Others who believe they are hearing the truth, even out of their favorite suportees mouths, are generally wrong in their assessments from the outset.
That is in fact the case with mainstream economics. Study mainstream economics if you want to be highly adept at understanding a system that does not apply to or even exist in the real world.
John Kenneth Galbraith was a brilliant economist 20th century economist. Sure he was a liberal but he was an absolute master at observing what was going on in the world of economics, that was out of the visual field of everyone else. His solutions were misguided but his observations were right on
.In his classic 1950’s book, The Affluent Society, he introduced the term conventional wisdom. Today that term is used constantly but the gravity of its meaning has become lost. Conventional wisdom works out to be an alternative to the truth the vast majority of the time. Conventional wisdom is not what is true. It is a belief system the majority are comfortable with.
Policy is always based on conventional wisdom rather than what is factual or even logical. Often it is a means of adopting a lie,hoping it works or for the best, because the truth is too troubling to look at.
What is today’s conventional wisdom? Probably the biggest is the insistence by virtually everyone is  that the stock market is in a bubble created by investors bidding stocks up. It is quite unsettling to entertain the idea that we don’t have a bubble but a political agenda that provides affirmative action for stock prices. Bubbles burst. Political agendas fail but they don’t bust. What are political agendas? Political agendas are what politically powerful people convince congress that government should do. 
I doubt that I am alone among economists as seeing QE and fiscal stimulus as not only unnecessary but completely destructive. The fact is that you cannot get paid as an economist unless you advance the conventional wisdom the modern discipline is based on. For that reason, the conventional wisdom that stimulus is needed and even that the Federal Reserve is an important necessary institution are standards that are
What conventional wisdom comes down to is a reasoning of choice that displaces the truth. The popular ideas that circulate in the echo chambers, both liberal and conservative, are bits and pieces of conventional wisdom that morph into sound bites. So, when does anything other than conventional wisdom enter the national dialog. That happens when suffering caused by policies based on yesterdays conventional wisdom begin failing.

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For Profit Legistlation

I have been explaining that all enterprise is for profit. The difference is in who gets the profit. Single payer medicine is for profit. Obamacare is for profit. Free market medicine would be for profit. This is all because when government runs an enterprise, the imaginary incentive to serve is assumed to be present. Every enterprise, government or free market is for profit because self interest is the only incentive in play. With respect to private charities they range from mostly non profit to almost entirely
for profit. The label put on an enterprise doesn’t mean much.

I need to mention that all legislation is for profit. It is so much for profit that unfathomable amounts of money are spent making sure specific legislation passes. When a bill like the Affordable Care Act is passed, the purpose is to enrich the parties who write the bill. What is good for the citizens of the country is never taken into consideration. If citizens were to insist to be taken into consideration, that actually might be. They  never do.
Surely there are some but I cannot think of an occasion where a representative has sat down with constituents and has written and introduced a bill on behalf of them. It simply doesn’t happen.This may sound like an unpleasant reality and I suppose it is. That doesn’t mean it isn’t true.
Legislation is for profit. Government is for profit. For profit is the way of the world. Pretending it is not puts ordinary people at a disadvantage. For profit is not evil. It is not good either. It is just the way of the world.

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Common Thinking Errors

I am compiling a page devoted to common thinking errors that are highly relevant to economics and political science. The list will get long. For now I am just adding them as the comet o mind.

Self Importance: The posture of self importance is instinctive. The species would go extent if its members did not routinely put themselves first.

People are important to themselves, family and a few friends. As harmless as self importance may seems it is the root of many false notions. An individual reasons, “As important as I am, certainly I am worthy of being served by those I help elect to public office.” Of a course, a person is of no importance at all to a politician. To a politician, a voter is a resource. A permanent disconnect is formed where the constituent expects to get representation from a representative who holds office first and foremost out of self interest. Human instinct is to exalt oneself.

My country, school, or any group I belong to is special.  This again is instinctive. Survival is facilitated by being a member of a group with common interests. Instinct calls for exaltation and loyalty to all groups a person belongs to, Survival is facilitated by drawing support and benefits from any group for which an individual is a member. Most loyalties to groups are arbitrary. That is in. Go team go. Mu school is better than yours. Fans support their home team. I ask, is there any long term advantage to an individual who is loyal to a home team or a school?

The incentive to serve Popular belief is that there are humans who go into public service on an ideological basis with every intention of serving mankind. This incentive to serve is completely imaginary. People who do such things as run for office do so out of self interest. Folks wonder why office holders never get around to promoting the causes that got them elected. This is the reason. People in government are motivated to exploit problems for personal gain while appearing to work in the public interest.

People think independently: Most people go long periods of time without an original thought. The mind records words and images and a person believes those are his thoughts. This is easily seen in political discourse. All conversations morph down to non sentient argument. All public political dialog, morphs down to standardized, concise words and sentences put forth am a means of rapid persuasion.

The divinity of government Much is expected out of government. It is reasoned that, if the private sector is falling short in an activity, government can make it work right. Government is assumed to have complete prowess in terms of fixing life’s issues. Government is deemed fair while the private sector is seen as corrupt and filled with selfishness. Human nature does not change. Government consists of multitudes of self serving individuals just as does the private sector. Voters have a parent child relationship with their government. If a problem gets big, voters see government as the ultimate source of wisdom and solutions. History shows that government never solves problems worse. This kind of relationship is inborn. When a person leaves the private sector and joins government, that person’s does not change his basic orientation.

What I see is all there is: Most of what is relevant is not part of what is apparent from a casual glance.

Government is benevolent: Government is a venue for folks who are all trying to gain a particular advantage or make a profit.

Government is working in my behalf: Government works in behalf of those who control government. If no  one controls government, then government works in its own behalf.

Patriotism is good: Patriotism is actually the all time worldwide leading cause of unnecessary deaths. Patriotism my be necessary but that depends upon the activity a government is involved in. During World War Two, NAZI soldiers were as patriotic as it is possible for humans to be. .

 Soldiers fight for freedom: A soldier is a citizen with a job. A soldier does not pick the fights he participates in. Freedom rarely has anything to do with  U.S. military operations and interventions. Colin Powell once said he joined the military because he needed a job. Ordinary soldiers did so for the same reason.
Public officials are just like the rest of us: Public officials have
political personalities. Political personality is so similar to a that of a sociopath.
personality. The two terms could be used as synonyms.

A public servant sets aside self interest: Self interest is a constant in
human behavior. Self interest does not disappear if a person takes a certain
job. In the private sector self interest is a cause of efficiency. Self interest
in the public sector causes inefficiency

Credentials imply competence: Credentials actually contribute to
incompetence. Credentials allow individuals to profit from the pretense of
Those who are charged with solving problems charge the highest amount possible for their services. Simple solutions are dispensed with and replaced with solutions that command a price. When listening to others it is best to deal in pure arguments, independently of credentials in order to achieve an optimum outcome.

Work is a first choice Work is actually only engaged in if there is
absolutely no way to live off the efforts of others. Mainstream economics
treats all humans as 100% industrious. This is not true at all and it is a
main reason why they never get anything right.

Every person needs a college education: When the supply of
educated people exceeds the demand, a college education can be of no
value at all.

Communication only occurs with words: Communication without
words is actually more precise and meaningful.

Experts on God Or There not being a God: : No priest, preacher, rabbi, or guru is an expert on God. Any you claim to be experts, please speak up. What about atheists and others who deny the existence of a higher power?  A person who is an atheist must believe in at least one miracle. That is that they he is just hear, along with all life, and that they are just alive without life being caused by anything. No person is an expert on these things. Nor, does anyone have any genuine insight to such matters.

These are just a few thinking errors that are routinely made. False beliefs are comforting. They are just not true. There are many more but these are pretty basic.

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