Why The United States Of America Is Doomed

Very simply, the mindset of the citizens is
conducive to what is normal in a centralized system
and actually destroys free markets and democratic
principles. Both are necessary and are all that has
created the high living standards Americans are
used to.

In a true democratic system, the citizens lead and
government follows. In order to manage
government, citizens need as much information as is
possible to obtain. In our system, most of which is
reverent, is withheld from them. It is reasoned that
ordinary people would misunderstand and misuse
information that only those in power can use wisely.
The overall population buys into this notion. Is it

The common man is hopelessly inept and ignorant? If this is true, perhaps we should do away
with the jury system. Should grand juries have be the source of indictments with respect to all
cases including complex situations. If ordinary people are so stupid, why is our legal system,
based on the jury system, operating so well while other institutions are functioning so miserably?
Should a panel of experts decide who stands trial and who doesn’t? Should all legal decisions be
handed down from the bench?

It is universally acknowledged that power corrupts. Do you disagree? Does absolute power
corrupt absolutely? Are there any who believe otherwise? If all power corrupts and complete
power guarantees total corruption, does it not make sense that those who are high up on the
power scale are many more times corrupt than the people who elect them?

Citizens want government to solve their problems and assuage their fears. Those in charge are
looking for fears and problems to exploit. In today’s world government is even protecting
citizens from insulting one another. Assuaging fears is such a profitable activity, various entities
now scare people in order to sell them goods and services as protection.

With this mindset cemented in tact, it is an absolute certainty our system will collapse.
Democracy and free markets demand a mindset that is comparable with these systems. That
mindset is messing so our system will indeed collapse.

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