Understanding 2022 Mid Term Elections


What is the fantasy free approach to politics and the mid-terms? It comes down to making assessments without the handicap of looking at the situation through the prism of fantasy.
First we must get in touch with reality. For that, recommend reading or re-reading my recent post,
The Daunting Nature Of Reality.
As it is, Americans are messiah seekers. Messiah
seeking is as old as humanity. Christians deem Jesus as their messiah. Few realize how many professed messiahs presented themselves to the Jewish population before Jesus came along? Expectations are, whether democrat, republican or other, that each party’s messiah will work tirelessly and selflessly to
achieve the goals of his constituents. This is folly and borders on worship.
Understand that the truth is not used in politics. Any truthful candidate loses automatically.Successful candidates must tell voters what they want to hear. Voters will turn away any candidate who does not tell them what they want to hear. Voters do not want to hear the truth and what folks want to hear is something entirely different.

The government folks vote into the office is subordinate to the small number of elite who control the essence of virtually all who are elected to office.
Elected representatives are uniquely powerless in attempts to oppose the interests of the elite as they guide policy. Any politician who opposes the elite will be destroyed politically.The elite of the world actually are your government because they determine what the elected government does.Candidates do not run for the purpose of serving you. They run as a means of serving themselves.

Remember that all legislation is for profit. When was the last time citizens banded together and asked congress to pass a bill on their behalf? I don’t know that that has ever happened. Instead, bills are suggested to the public from the top down as being in the public interest. That is how we got the Affordable Care Act, ethanol in gas and many other destructive laws. Climate change is being sold and tauted to the country. Any climate change law will turn out to be a gold mine for public private partnerships. The public never asks for legislation but they get plenty of it. One of my other articles from the past explains how legislation is never for the public good but is
a profit venture for those who lobby to get bills passed. For Profit Legislation
To truly understand the political process this fall it will be good to focus on the factors that are genuinely in play. We must respond the world as it really is in these critical times.

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