Alternative Use Of Technical Analysis.

Technical Analysis had its beginnings in the early part of the twentieth century. In 1948, Technical Analysis by Edwards & Magee was published.   For years, this served as the bible of chart analysis. The logic in the book is that fundamental analysis is unproductive because it is impossible to gain enough knowledge about corporations to know more than other value investors. It made sense to study the behavior of investors who used fundamentals as opposed to studying the criteria they were using. Continue reading

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Nothing Could Be Easier

One oddity with respect to the fantasy free school of economics is that it is too easy. It is so easy, hardly a soul expects it to work. The findings are never close to what is being said in mainstream economics. It takes many hours of study to grasp the popular theories in mainstream economics. Anyone with third grade education can use the fantasy free approach and really arrive at more accurate conclusions than a room full of PHDs.

With the fantasy free approach, at first glance it appears that there are no facts on the table. Truth is that we have the only reliable facts in an argument. Continue reading

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The Balloons

I am going to use the new Chinese balloon phenomenon to show how to use natural law to explain an occurrence to create likely scenarios.

All of a sudden we notice Chinese balloons floating in the sky in numerous spots in our sky over the United States. Why in the world would China want even one balloon hovering over the United States of America? Is it just because the Chinese like balloons and like to know they are up there? Personally, I imagine their reason is more serious than just the entertainment balloons provide. Continue reading

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Does Organized Crime Really Does Own The U.S. Government??

I first knew that organized crime was running government in 2008, just by looking at the congressional vote on the bill. Why? Congress passed the bill with close to 100 percent in favor. It was a controversial bill. The population was close to 100 percent against. TARP was passed over the loud objections of voters. This kind of bill could never be passed without some coercive force making sure that it did.

Since that time I have written numerous articles making the case that the mob runs government. These articles are posted below. Continue reading

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Today’s Most Lethal Fantasies.

These are some of the most lethal fantasies, given the situation the United State is in today.

The President and members of congress run for office because they are committed to serving humanity.

Self interest is the only reason anyone runs for office. In large aggregations of people, self interest is the only incentive. It takes highly unlikely human attributes to win an election. The competition to win is ruthless. Only the most ruthless can prevail. World leaders, including the United States president must be sociopaths. Otherwise they have no chance of winning. Continue reading

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