A Choice for Every Society

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Two choices. 1. Government serves the citizens. 2. Citizens serve their government. It is a choice.

This does not have to be a conscious choice. As a matter of fact it seldom is I am not sure it ever is. Folks can make a natural choice. That means the choice may be pre – programmed into the human mind by the forces of nature.

People give intellectual answers to questions like those above. When the two questions are entertained, the reply will be something like this. A typical answer might be, “Government serves the people in the United States. That is guaranteed in the U.S. constitution. We all learned that in school.”. Continue reading

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World Domination And The Stock Market

World Domination And The Stock Market    PDF Version

This is a question I answered on a public forum where I am apparently still welcome and for now uncensored.

Throughout history, when power has become concentrated, the strongest people have always made attempts to take over the world and run it the way they see fit. There has never been an announcement such as “”Hi , I am leader X. Now I am going to take over the world and make you and everyone else a servant to me. Is everybody ready? On your mark – get set – go! Here I come . Resist me if you wish. There was Rome, the Ottoman Empire, Spain, Britain…. Germany – and now some say the United States. Does anyone doubt that there are ongoing aspirations to take over the world and make use of all of its citizens? Continue reading

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Biden Crime And Reality

I am not the least bit surprised at the newly disclosed activities of Hunter and Joe Biden.  At these levels, I expect massive corruption. Corruption at high levels is the norm. Folks act as it it is an exception. Here is the way it works. Continue reading

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The Five Branches Of Government

The U.S. government consists of 3 formal
branches of government as noted in the U.S.
constitution but two others that are never

By definition we do indeed have three branches
of government. Legislative, Executive and
Judicial. The Fantasy Free Approach
considers institutions in terms of how they
function and not according to how each is

In terms of how government institutions
function, there are two additional branches, one of which is more powerful than all of the others put together.

The most powerful, at the very top of the governmental power hierarchy is organized
crime. It is from a global crime syndicate that all important legislation originates. The lifeblood of ordinary crime families is the skimming operation. All bills passed today are skimming operations. Federal Reserve Policies are skimming operation. Stimulus packages consist of countless skimming operations.
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