Living in the Presence of Evil

Living in the Presence of Evil.PDF Version

Before reading, it might be good to examine the definition of evil – as the word is used in common language , as well as some more sophisticated thoughts on the subject by Scott Beck who is the well – known author of “The Road Less Traveled.”

Merriam Webster- Definition of Evil.

Dr. Scott Peck, Psychiatrist On Causes of Evil

Mostly in this blog, I discuss economics, politics and natural law – in terms of how it applies to these subject areas. I am not a prophet or an avatar. However, I am a mystic. My method is not to rely only on things that can be seen , touched, felt and watched. I heavily consider influences we can’t see.  One time I heard a man give an answer when asked what made him certain that there was a spiritual world. His reply was, “I can feel the presence of guidance and influence that is outside the physical realm.” Most people can accept that they don’t know they can. Replacing what is real in life with fantasy diminishes one’s ability to interact with the cosmos, so to speak. This is not the same as clairvoyance, for which I have no solid insight. Continue reading

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