Living in the Presence of Evil

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Before reading, it might be good to examine the definition of evil – as the word is used in common language , as well as some more sophisticated thoughts on the subject by Scott Beck who is the well – known author of “The Road Less Traveled.”

Merriam Webster- Definition of Evil.

Dr. Scott Peck, Psychiatrist On Causes of Evil

Mostly in this blog, I discuss economics, politics and natural law – in terms of how it applies to these subject areas. I am not a prophet or an avatar. However, I am a mystic. My method is not to rely only on things that can be seen , touched, felt and watched. I heavily consider influences we can’t see.  One time I heard a man give an answer when asked what made him certain that there was a spiritual world. His reply was, “I can feel the presence of guidance and influence that is outside the physical realm.” Most people can accept that they don’t know they can. Replacing what is real in life with fantasy diminishes one’s ability to interact with the cosmos, so to speak. This is not the same as clairvoyance, for which I have no solid insight.

One way or another, most people can and do pick up signals,….seemingly out of the air – but there is an important exception. A completely evil person cannot. An evil person gets no guidance from and is in no way influenced by anything spiritual. Others vary in their ability to do so.

Jesus put it this way.Then Jesus said, “Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.” Mark 4.9.  Throughout the New Testament, Jesus taught in parables. He never made academic arguments. It was through parables that he created understanding. Oral words do not transfer, in total, the precise thoughts of the one speaking. . Parables present ideas in ways that can be understood at deeper levels. it is at deeper levels where spiritual knowledge lives.

Paul describes the limitations of spoken and written languages as being limited in utility with respect to “He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant—not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.” Corinthians 2:6″

‘When evil and hate are used as spoken or written words, there is no official definition to either that can be implied. Generally, these means are misapplied. It takes more than that to explain clearly how a whole population can be living in the presence of evil/

Understand first, that life is lived within the framework. Then, we have to take seriously the proposition that power corrupts…. and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Therefore, the closer to absolute power attained, the more corrupt an individual or organization becomes. Anytime power is created, a corresponding amount of corruption is created as we create power. Elections in a democracy serve as power – creating mechanisms. By virtue of that, elections also create corruption. Higher – level elections create more corruption than local elections. In totalian systems, corruption exists in spades, from the very beginning.  There is no perfect system.

In a democracy, citizens have the opportunity to counter – balance corruption at the top. They don’t. Instead , they see chosen candidates as potential saviors and trust the ones they elect to represent them honestly. That does not happen, not ever. Nature does not provide humanity with an incentive to serve. Politicians upon taking office serve themselves. Persons, as voters, expect more and more out of government. They create more and more corruption in attempts to have government fulfill their needs.  In the real world (which is the one we live in – like it or not), elected governments become corrupt in increments over a long period of time. Citizens end up serving their government – all the while believing their leaders representatives are serving them.

In a previous article, I explained that any politician acquiring a high political position must be a psychopath in order to get elected. Psychopaths Presidents and You.

The word psychopath is used routinely as if it was a curse word.  Psychologists deem psychopathy to be a personality disorder. So far there have been no successes in terms of reversing psychopathy. Evolutionary psychologists, a newer breed of psychologists, treat it as a normal personality that has evolved as a survival mechanism. They are right in their assessment, Using principles of natural law, I carry their assessment a step further.

How do psychopaths contribute to the progress of the human species? A country with no psychopaths in charge would have no chance of winning wars or even defending itself against invaders. Personally, I could never function as a president or a high ranking general. I don’t have it within me to do things like bomb Japan or kill two million North Vietnam civilians like the U.S.did during the Vietnam War., There is no way I could bomb an aspirin factory because it was a politically expedient thing to do. I am not unique in this capacity. Few others could do these things either. Someone absolutely has to make life and death as to who will live and die. Only a psychopath can do these things. Psychopaths are created by nature so that whole societies, right or wrong,  can survive.

As noted earlier, the world is an eternal power structure. How do I know? I see multitudes of evidence that it is. I never have seen one iota of evidence that it is not. It is not hard to notice that we are at the apex of that eternal power struggle at this very moment. The last time this happened was prior to WW2.

In our world today, there are perhaps one hundred wealthy individuals who control all of the governments in the world. While it is certain that they all work together, they are all in competition with each other. Suppose our elite are successful in enslaving the world’s population and turning us all into homogenized automatons? Even being worse off, will life stabilize? By competing with one another to gain the remaining balance of power, power will become even more concentrated. At some point the entire system will collapse. The final outcome of total power is explained in Tower Of Babel Moment, a  short article I published in 2021. Basically, the concentration of power always results in the downfall of power. Society itself becomes fragmented as chaos spreads. Evil is self – destructive.

Evil is not something that exists on a stand alone basis. To a minor degree, there is a certain amount of evil in all of us. Evil outside of us only has access to the evil within us. If a con artist attempts to fleece a completely good and honest person, he will have no luck. If a person is filled with hate and greed, he will be easy pickings for a con man. 20th century comic WC Fields said “You can’t cheat an honest man.” Mr. Fields may have been right in that observation. However, evil can easily kill millions of innocent – intentionally…. or as collateral damage. A small amount of evil in a man is like fertile soil in which greater evil can be planted. From there it can flourish, mutate and grow larger.

In the world today, power is more concentrated now, more than it has been in all of history. That alone guarantees the most corrupt leadership mankind has ever experienced. There is no way such a situation could exist in the absence of near – complete and total evil at the upper echelons of our society. Look at the wanton killing ongoing today. Look at the sinister agendas that are impoverishing all of humanity for the benefit of just a few.

All who occupy the planet are living in the presence of evil. How does it feel?

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