The Announcement

The Announcement The President of the United States will make a speech outlining the steps which must be taken to “”save the world.”” Just as the stock market enters a genuine bear market and selling accelerates and can’t be controlled, The Federal Reserve of the United States will announce a stock buying program to “”save the world.”” There will be bi partisan agreement that this needs to be done. Continue reading

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Your Punishment For Believing Lies

 Your Punishment For Believing Lies PDF Version

I have a saying. When a lie is told, there are two guilty parties. There is the liar of course. Then there is the party for whom the truth is not good enough.

Without that arrangement few lies would be told. The punishment for believing lies is suffering. Suffering always follows the believing of lies but the suffering is not distributed evenly among believers. It is possible for a person go a full lifetime
believing a slew of lies and never experience any meaningful suffering. Continue reading

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World Domination And The Stock Market

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