School Spirit

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What kind of kid are you? Show some school spirit. Take some pride in your school. Every child needs a high school education. Identify with your school, Make it forever part of you. We will all work in groups. Cooperate with one another to get the best outcome. Be loyal to your school. Support your home team and go team go.

This is the mentality that pervades public education. Is there any similarity to the public school mentality, in how folks relate to government? Continue reading

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Pendulum Is About To Swing

Pendulum Is About To Swing PDF Version

One aspect of using the Fantasy Free Advantage is to think in moving pictures, not still pictures.  It is easy enough to look at society and today’s unusual ongoings and think the mentality of the public will never change. What will happen is this. The the pendulum with respect to trust of government has swung far to the right, with that being total trust, and it is starting to swing back to the left, where trust of government will be negative for awhile. The fact is that, not just the poor and disenfranchised but others are beginning to suffer. Continue reading

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The Fantasy Free Movement

The Fantasy Free movement plods along. Fantasy free theory is so alarming. I’ll tell you, it is hard to get a following when you are telling folks exactly what they don’t want to hear. Folks are running from reality. I am suggesting turning and facing it head on. When that happens, an amazing thing occurs. Given a little time, the monster of reality begins to melt before your eyes. Eventually fear disappears. Continue reading

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