How Americans Will Vote On Election Day

Americans will vote for the candidates who
make the best sounding promises designed to
take the burden of making life’s most important
decisions off of their backs. How do I know this
to be true? That is how people always vote. This
is true of conservatives as well as liberals.

You might ask, what in the world are people
thinking that causes them to engage in such
mal-adaptive voting behavior?

Humans have one brain but it can easily be
explained as a number of separate brains that
come into play to address different situations. Read poetry or do a math problem and the big
thinking brain takes over. Hear gun shots and take cover and that is your animal brain taking
over. There is no time or need to reason things out. The animal brain does no complex analysis.
It just has you do what you are instinctively prone to do given the priority of survival.

Voting and taking part in politics is a survival based activity so, the animal brain takes over and
abstract thinking disappears. Abstract thought disappears and the animal brain takes charge. It is
normal animal behavior that decisions that address survival are made by the herd leadership.
Individual members of any herd, instinctively try and draw as much of their essence out of the
group as a whole as is possible. Politics is an animal brain activity.

We know this is true just by looking at political outcomes that consistently occur and realizing
that no such typical political outcomes could occur if constituents used their thinking brains in
making political decisions.

The Affordable Care act relieves citizens of the burden deciding for themselves how to address
their health care needs individually. It homogenizes both physicians and patients so that a central
authority makes health care decisions for all. Medicine is practiced in such a way that a central
authority manages the time and energy of doctors. The central healthcare, not doctors or patients
determines what healthcare is provided, who gets paid how much and what the total cost is.

Make no mistake that, although no one knows exactly who actually wrote the provisions of the
bill, the originators of the Affordable Care Act used their thinking brain in ways that enrich
themselves while putting the animal brained public at a serious disadvantage. Those who are
effected by its provisions are using their animal brains when determining whether or not the bill
is good or bad. The animal brain deems government as having magical knowledge and power.

Notice the nature of political discourse. When was the last tune you noticed a well thought out
sentient argument as part of a public political discussion? Try and find one. All you will find are
superficial arguments designed to get you on board with an agenda as fast, directly and quickly
as is possible. It is all, Biden is good. Trump is good. Biden is bad. Conclusions are used as

When the voting is over, the winner will be the one who convinces voters that their basic
decisions in life are determined most effectively by the central authority of government. If the
choice is Trump, voters are opting to replace the free market with something like the mercantile
system that was popular prior to the American Revolution. Although this is complete folly, it
addresses the instinctive sensibilities of his supporters. If it is Biden, his supporters believe
government can give them personal credibility by forcing others to see them in a new positive
light. Both sides will lose because Trump, Biden lobbyists and all others involved engage in
larger brained thinking.
The problems in the country today are due to the mal-adaptive mindset of the American Public.

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Instinctively Predisposed Decisions

Through tradition we are conditioned to accept certain erroneous ideas as facts.

Example from the Declaration of independence: People’s are “Endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights,” In the first system our creator gave the world, ordinary people had no rights at all. Kings and some other leaders were assumed to possess divine rights but that was it. Individual rights are a concept that was evolved into. For many thousands of years, common people served a master like a king or chief.

At the time of the American Revolution, the colonists were in a unique set of circumstances. In Europe intellectuals had been entertaining the idea of individual rights for a number of years. The colonists were separated from England by a great distance, adventurous by nature and detached to a certain degree from the king’s authority. A confluence of unlikely events and circumstances gave them the mentality to try a new form of government based on individual rights.

As great as individual right are, people are still instinctively predisposed to live under and serve a master. Further, they are instinctively predisposed to look to a master to provide security and solve problems collectively. Over years, people have empowered government not because of some kind of intellectual wisdom but because of instinctive impulses they cannot resist.

When commentators go on television and talk about government creating jobs and making the economy better, this is not an exercise in intellect. It is instinctive to assume government can do these things. Any serious investigation of the facts shows that collective actions such as these work against the best interests of society and individuals. Instinctive actions are so natural, that people do not realize they are not thinking.

The discipline of economics assumes that individuals make decisions by free will. On occasion they do when acting as individuals in the market place. When participating in collective decision making people act mostly out instinct and usually without thinking at all. The phenomenon of individuals having economic freedom is an evolutionary advancement. Unfortunately individuals are instinctively driven to give government roles that are destructive to their interests.

A certain segment of the population sees the wisdom of having and maintaining a free market economic system. The free market characteristics of our economic system are solely responsible for our high standard of living. The fact that the market system is still operating is a miracle given that people are driven by instinct to destroy it and return to the old system where everyone serves the government.

Mainstream economists assume that decisions are made through intellect when in fact a great number are instinctively driven. When an economic model fails or a forecast is inaccurate, chances are one or more basic assumptions are erroneous.

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