The Fantasy Free Advantage

Today I am publishing an ebook, The Fantasy Free Advantage. I am hoping every reader will download the book and read it. At present, it is free to blog readers. I ask that you share and offer it to others you know.

I have to ask you to do that because this point of view is banned in the United States. As you read, you will notice nothing obscene, inflammatory or in any way a threat to national security. However, my site is simply not allowed in the United States. There is absolutely no way for me to promote what I know and understand. Continue reading

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Three Possible Paths To Reality

Three Possible Paths To Reality PDF Version
The escape from reality begins at birth.‭ ‬In the beginning,‭ ‬fantasy leaves reality in the dust.‭ ‬Early on,‭ ‬the reality gap gets wider and wider.‭ ‬Normally,‭ ‬reality catches up with a person several times during a lifetime.‭ ‬That occurs for a number of reasons.‭ ‬It can be a natural disaster,‭ ‬an ‬act of war,‭ ‬divorce or any number of emotional upheavals.‭ ‬The propensity to fantasize is strong and relentless.

In the end,‭ ‬reality catches us all.‭ ‬Since reality is the way it is,‭ ‬and fantasy is a false but ‭ ‬appealing alternative,‭ ‬the motivation to escape ‬is always with us.‭ ‬In the end‭ ‬,reality catches up and we all face what nature has in store. Continue reading

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Stock Market Observations 10-20-2022

As most know, I am expecting an eventual bear market that will last 2 years or more. Any bull market that ensues when the bear market ends, will be tepid compared to any that has been experienced in the 2000s.

I am still expecting a severe permanent depression, simply because a country cannot plan its way into a recovery. This will be the first economic downturn in American history with the absence of free market influences.

The inflation being experienced will eventually give way to deflation. As often mentioned, I don’t use quantitative analysis in my work as an economist. I focus on the natural law that creates the numbers others have so much confidence in. Inflation will cease and reverse even though there is mountains of unearned money in the upper echelons of the economy. Only the rich have money. Countless others are up to the necks in credit card debt and have no cash to spend. There are products on the market but  little to buy them with. Prices will start dropping. All except the rich buy those things that are going up in price. There are plenty of substitutes. Much is spent on entertainment and other non – essentials that can be removed from budgets.

The Stock Market Today Continue reading

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Does Morality Matter?

Does Morality Matter? PDF Version
In mainstream economics…. no, morality doesn’t matter. In fantasy – free economics…. it does.  That is because instead of focusing on numbers, I focus on the natural forces that make the numbers what they are.  In mainstream economics, morality doesn’t matter. An immoral activity doesn’t produce a negative number  that can be used in analysis. Neither does a moral activity produce a positive number.

Words are interesting. Say either moral or immoral and and it might seem like the the conversation is about to shift to some lofty philosophy that is useless in public life. It may seem like an idealist is about to bore everyone. Each religion identifies what is moral and what is not. Societies where there is no religion at all, have systems of morality that parallel those of religious societies. Continue reading

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Progress Report

In 2019, I was getting about 1000 reads per day. Today, after Fantasy – Free Economics in its original form was destroyed…. I have 6 readers along with about 3 referred by Google. YouTube has quarantined my Fantasy – Free Economic channel. Prior to that, despite our complete ineptness in making videos, we  were getting plenty of views and subscribers. Continue reading

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The Will Of The Voters

The Will Of The Voters PDF Version

We vote with the expectation that those we elect are bound to carry out the will of the people. Is that democracy in action? It is supposed to be.

This brings some questions to mind. Sometimes asking the most simple questions about any kind of system or procedure uncovers significant findings. Often it identifies exactly what a problem is. Other times – it leads our thinking in the right direction.

Look at the outcome of a process. Then ask. Given the assumptions that are made about what inputs are assumed to generate a given outcome, what if these inputs yield a different outcome than the one intended? Then ask, if what we are assuming is not getting the result we want, what inputs actually would generate the outcome we expect? Continue reading

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Ebook Announcement

I am busy putting together an ebook explaining the essence of  Fantasy – Free Economic Theory. I have been writing the Fantasy – Free Economics blog for eleven years. I have never explained exactly why the theory makes perfect sense or how to use it.

It is easy to notice, I seldom use hard facts or any type of complex reasoning. I use natural law instead. Natural law has predominance over any man made theories. Why is that? All I can say is try Fantasy – Free Economic Theory and you will see that it works.

Mostly what the theory calls for…. is understanding reality and putting that knowledge to good use. To do otherwise is to observe the world through a prism of fantasy.


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Fantasy Free Economics On Free Markets

Fantasy Free Economics On Free Markets PDF Version
When discussing free markets, I avoid using the term capitalism. Mostly when folks use capitalism as a term, they do mean free market system. Capitalism literally means that the factors of production, land, labor and capital are owned privately. Given that – the economy in the United States is capitalist.

There is more to a free market than the people – not government, owning the factors of production. Free markets can only work in a system based on democratic principles. Capitalism can function in an authoritarian state. In the United States we do have a capitalist economy but not a free market system. Continue reading

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Why People Do Things

Local life is what all are accustomed to. It can be mighty comforting to project the norms of local and family life to life in groups. That is routinely done. It is almost universally done. The fact is though, as groups get larger and larger, self – interest becomes the only relevant incentive. Politicians run for office out of self – interest. This is despite the public thinking otherwise.

A focus on incentives is imperative when studying group behavior. Incentives are all that matter. When a word is spoken in the media, what is said, is said because of an incentive. When an action is taken in public by a leader, it is because of an incentive. At an aggregate level, anyone’s actions are rooted in self – interest. .

Understanding the role of incentives creates opportunities for understanding. When a person or institution changes dialog that is not in keeping with their historical posture, there is an incentive for doing so. When a number of entities suddenly change behaviors, there is a good chance their efforts are coordinated. Continue reading

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