Developing The Space Aliens Story

I am going to use the Fantasy Free Advantage  to try and explain the emerging situation with respect to the new revelations about the U.S. possessing alien spacecrafts and possibly, the bodies of aliens themselves.  The Fantasy Free Advantage is what is possessed when observing life from the vantage point of thinking within the light of reality. Using the Fantasy Free Advantage is what is possessed when the lies of life are simply dismissed with , and one’s analysis is not distorted by basing efforts on what is not true – yet routinely  deemed to be true.

The Fantasy Free Advantage is also a great equalizer. Deciding what is occurring, based on normal human behavior , explains outcomes normally superior to those based on mountains of work and information. Generally… in the present moment, absolutely no one has adequate information to work with , anyway.

We start by acting on what we already know is true, but not acted upon as being true. The law of power says that power corrupts…. and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  As power is created, a corresponding amount of corruption is created. The closer an entity is to possessing absolute power, the closer it is to being absolutely corrupt.  Any organization which has enough power to possess alien spacecraft and possibly the bodies of space aliens has a massive amount of power and must therefore be assumed to be profanely corrupt. Continue reading

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Corporate Suicide Cause Explained

It is a mistake to think that corporations, especially those which are large or leaders in an industry, are the slightest bit naive. Neither are they short sighted. I remember back in the seventies when I was taking business courses. A professor used McDonalds as an example. He pointed out that their ads were directed at children. Children can’t spend money on fast food. McDonalds was building brand loyalty as far into the future as they could reach.

Are Anheuser Busch and Target naive? Continue reading

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How To Legalize Marijuana And Reform Other Drug Laws.

Opinions vary as to the goodness or badness of using cannabis. Regardless of  one’s position on the matter, it is impossible for a law to enhance the public good, if only half of the population is offended by the behavior the law is charged with eliminating. The law is never going to be effective.

Suppose a thief was seen breaking into a house on a certain street. The neighbors would call the police immediately, without hesitation. Suppose neighbors saw someone across the street, smoking a joint on his front porch. Would they call the police? I wouldn’t count on it.  If someone did call the police, would they bother to come? I wouldn’t count on that either. Continue reading

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